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Azimuth over Elevation : AEP-300                                                                               Print Datasheet

The AEP-300 antenna positioning systems consists of a two axis Azimuth-over-Elevation Positioner (AEP), controller (ACU-3D-24) and cables required for power and control of the positioner. The AEP version provides continuous azimuth rotation and a generous 3.50 inch hole through the center that can be used to route cables or waveguide to the unit being rotated. The elevation mechanism is designed to handle large counter levered loads and provides up to 1200 ft lbs of torque to accommodate this type of operation.


The load capacity of the system is 300 lbs with a 10g vertical shock rating.

The drive system is comprised of brushless DC servomotors with dual feedback loops, resolvers are used for velocity and commutation feedback and very durable 15 Bit Absolute Encoders are used to close the position loop. These units were designed for reliable operation in outdoor environments using the same components ARA uses to meet Mil-STD-810F requirements.


The control unit can be remotely located to facilitate integration with the end user’s system. It can be controlled locally using front panel controls or remotely via serial Interface (RS-232) using simple, well defined commands.  The control unit is suitable for mounting in an equipment rack or on a table.  The controller is designed to meet Mil-STD-810F for indoor operation.


          Azimuth:  Continuous
          Elevation:  -95 to +95°
          Azimuth:  ±0.25°
          Elevation:  ±0.25°
          Azimuth:  350 ft lbs
          Elevation:  1,200 ft lbs
          Azimuth:  1 - 20 deg/sec
          Elevation:  1 - 10 deg/sec
          Azimuth:  20 deg/sec˛
          Elevation:  10 deg/sec˛


          Controller  120/60Hz


          Positioner:  220 lbs
          Controller:  30 lbs
          Operational Temperature:  -20°-131°F
          Relative Humidity:  0 to 100%